Scary Art Show 2021

What scares you? What secret fears do you harbor in the recesses of your mind? We’re looking for scary, creepy, spooky, unsettling art! Artwork submitted can be hair-raising, humorous, or ‘deadly’ serious, as long as it adheres to the scary theme. Bring on the creative creepiness!


FREE entry! Zero submission fee!

Commission of 30% per sale will apply.

Submission is from Sept 1 to Sept 22, 2021. Maximum of 4 entries per artist.

First, Second and Third Place Winners will be selected by popular vote by visitors to the show!

All forms of art (incl. jewelry and sculptures) will be considered. 2D and 3D.
All 2-D ART (paintings, mixed media, prints, photography) must be suitably wired for hanging, no sawtooth hangers or clips. Up to four entries allowed per artist. Unframed works must be properly gallery wrapped with no rough canvas or staples showing.
All work must be properly/protected and labeled with artists name /address /phone number /email/ title, price, dimensions and media info of their entry. Weight is required for sculptures.

1. Fill out this application form
2. Send an email with list of artwork and images attached, with SCARY ART SHOW 2021 (ALL CAPS) in the subject line to Image files should be JPG files, no more than 10” in height or width, and no less than 72 dpi and no more than 300 dpi.

Entries MUST be received by 5pm WEDNESDAY September 22, 2021.
Notification: Entries will be notified by email by Tuesday, September 28.
Accepted Entries Drop-Off Dates: Monday October 11 from 12 pm to 3pm
After exhibit pick up: Monday Nov 1 from 12pm to 3pm

By submitting this form you have agreed to the following terms and conditions:
The Artist affirms that all works of art submitted are original. All artworks must be for sale. The artist is to set the price and the Gallery will take a 30% commission from the selling price. Works of art will remain on display for the length of the exhibition. Insurance of artworks is the responsibility of the Artist for length of the show. Artist gives permission to photograph their artwork for promotional and educational use. The Scary Art Show Review Panel will decide on the suitability of any art, the framing or support structure, and any visual or written material that might accompany the exhibit.

SHOW OPENING RECEPTION Thursday October 14, 6-9pm. Create your own costume and win! Costume judges are Dublin Mayor Melissa Hernandez and Visit Tri-Valley CEO Tracy Farhad!

PAL’s Pals 2021: Youth Art Competition

Enter an art show like a Pro!! Pleasanton Art League presents “PAL’s Pals 2021”, an art competition open to all Middle School and High School students. Artwork must be created wholly by the student and completed between January 2020 and present. First 200 submissions will be accepted and published in the PAL’s Pals virtual art show at from May 1 – May 31, 2021. So don’t miss your spot!

Judges will award cash prizes for Best of Show ($40) and five Merit Awards ($20, each), as well as ribbons for five Honorable Mentions. For the prospectus and entry form, go to Submissions will be accepted from April 19 th at 8:00 a.m. and closing on April 21 st at 11:59 p.m. Entry fee is $10.

For questions, please feel free to reach out to – Jennifer Huber, PAL’s Pals 2021 Chair


General Meeting of DAC, LAA, & PAL

An upcoming general meeting will occur on Monday, January 11th at 7:30 p.m. for the three tri-valley art groups: the Pleasanton Art League, the Livermore Arts Association, and the Dublin Arts Collective. The topic, after general discussion, will be: Post Production and Preparing Your Photos for Submission by George Garbarino and Jennifer Huber.

For Zoom link please visit

Art Work for Sale

Please join DAC member, Jen Huber, on Saturday, December 5, in front of the Bankhead Theater, in Livermore, for a one-time only sale, “Handmade for the Holidays.”!

Handmade for the Holidays Sale!

“Zooming Forward” with PAL, LAA and DAC

“Zooming Forward” is taking place on Monday, November 9 at 7:30pm!

Greetings DAC Members and Supporters!

This is the first joint meeting between members of the Pleasanton Art League (PAL), Livermore Art Association (LAA) and Dublin Arts Collective (DAC) and we are very excited to be a part of it!

For this and some other local arts news see the Patch article “Creative Pivoting In A Pandemic for Tri-Valley Arts Organizations

We are thankful to KeyPoint Credit Union in Dublin for sponsoring our subscription to Zoom!

Zooming Forward Program:

1. Updates from the PAL President Beth Okurowski , LAA President Clark Streeter and DAC President, Sawsan Wolski.

2. Paint Pleasanton Report by Organizer Lorraine Heath Wells

3. Demo by Meghana Mitragotri (incl. her camera setup for online watercolor classes)

The Zoom link for the meeting will be circulated closer to the event.

Email for more info.

DAC Members Participating in EBOS

East Bay Open Studios is a local tradition offering self-guided tours of Artists Studios and Exhibition Spaces. The public can meet the artists, learn techniques, inspirations, and backgrounds of the Artists work from the Artists themselves. Local Artists from Livermore, Dublin, and Pleasanton are participating this year.

Vanessa Thomas, “Butterflies in Poppies,” Digital Watercolor

Vanessa Thomas

Photographer, Digital Media Artist
To see more art by Vanessa Thomas, visit Fables and Flora.

Karen Scott, Handcrafted Paper Beaded Jewelry

Karen Scott

Handcrafted Jewelry

Dennis Baker, “Untitled”, Oil

Dennis Baker

Oil Painter, Mixed Media Artist.

Robert Bennett, “Old Man”, Bronze

Robert Bennett

Sculptor, Painter

Jen Huber, “Sirens”, Acrylic

Jen Huber

Mixed Media Artist
To see more work by Jen Huber, visit her blog, Stories From My Head.

Sarah Wang, “Untitled”, Gouache & Ink

Sarah Wang

Watercolorist, Oil Painter, Mixed Media Artist

Sawsan Wolski, “Warrior 2”, Oil

Sawsan Wolski

Oil Painter, Mixed Media Artist

Lorraine Wells, “Untitled”

Lorraine Wells


Chandana Srinath, “Prasanta”, Acrylic

Chandana Srinath

Tribal Artist

Andrea McCoy Harvey, Oil Painting

Andrea McCoy Harvey

Oil Painter, Mixed Media Artist

An interview with Makenna Toney creator of the “Stop Killing Us” artwork

Dublin High School 2020 Graduate and artist Makenna Toney, created an artwork entitled “Stop Killing Us” in response to the the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Stop Killing Us” painting by Makenna Toney

We approached Makenna about her creative process when painting the piece and these are her responses:

Q. In a time where many have been reflective about what they care about and what they value. What struck you most about the black lives matter movement?

A: As a black women myself I have always felt the pain and injustice embedded in me by my ancestors, so whenever I see injustice against my people regardless of its directed at me or someone else, I feel the hurt and pain of that person. Throughout the movement I’ve realized that I’m not the only person who feels it, and I was blown away by the way that people reacted. I was empowered seeing people from all walks of life get up and stand together to fight the injustice of the systematic oppression of my people.

Q. Describe your thought process when creating your artwork.

A: When creating this piece I wanted people to feel the magnitude of what they were seeing not just in my art but in the world. When making the piece it was a very draining process and I felt as if was putting all the pain of the people into the art, there were times where I wanted to stop because it felt so overwhelming, but that was the point of making this – not everything is rainbows and daisies. When seeing this piece I wanted people to take into account of every aspect of the painting, the size, the colors, the expression, the fact that I couldn’t fit all the names of the people who were wrongfully killed, and its a big painting (5′ by 5′). So when you see the piece I want it to sink in that this isn’t a new issue, and that we are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Q. How would you expect viewers to respond to the piece?

A: I would expect a lot of different reactions from different types of people. Those who are living it and understand it, those you aren’t living it but want change, those who don’t like it or think that its not appropriate, those who may want to destroy it because they know its true and they’ve stood by as it happened and now are angry with themselves so they project it onto whatever they can and maybe those who think it isn’t a problem in the first place. The reaction of the person depends on if they are actually listening and thinking, not just looking but seeing what is.

Q. Have you been moved to create an artwork like this before in response to events happening around you? Have you produced any other artwork during lockdown?

A: The reason I create art in the first place is to cope with the traumas of life that I’ve been through. It’s my outlet to say the things that I could never actually say. The reason I’m alive today is because I have art to get me through the traumatic things that have happened to me in my life, and one of the weird things about me is that I can feel others pain as well. so when make art its not just for me but for those who didn’t know they needed it.

I’ve been constantly making art during the lockdown, you know this lockdown has forced me to be alone in my head and decide whether I like myself, and I cant always express myself verbally so I’ll get whatever I have to say down on paper in some sort of image whether or not it completely makes sense, I just do it and then figure it out later.

Q. How has your family responded to your creation?

A: my family has had a really great response to it. I’m from a mixed race family half white, half black and from both sides of my family they really took it in and realized its power. I have two older brothers and I feel like they really relate to this piece because in this world they have a huge target on their backs because they are black men and they understand that in this world they have to be very cautious when trying to live. I feel like my family is proud that I’ve used my talent to make something not for myself but for the people, and I think that speaks volumes.

Makenna Toney

East Bay Open Studios First for Dublin

In a first for Dublin, a selection of local artists will participate in East Bay Open Studios (EBOS) in 2020.

The EBOS provides a unique opportunity for art lovers to meet personally with artists and view a large collection of work. This self-guided Art tour has been running for over 40 years. For the first time, the area includes the City of Dublin with 14 area artists sharing their work at The Frame Company and Happy Valley Arts School.

The Frame Company and Art Gallery
The Frame Company and Art Gallery with Adirondack Chairs from “A Chair to Remember”
Happy Valley art school
Happy Valley art school

The open studio event involves artists inviting the public to visit their workshops and display spaces. It’s an excellent opportunity to talk first-hand to the artists and to view their work, as well as connecting with fellow art lovers.

Open Studios is Free to the Public!

Experience and enjoy one-on-one interaction with artists from a variety of genres ranging from contemporary to traditional, photography to jewelry and more.  Viewers can learn about artists’ processes and inspiration, while enjoying refreshments. It’s a chance to purchase an original artwork directly from the artist!

There are numerous artists participating it the Tri-Valley area and the Pleasanton Arts League, Livermore Arts Association and Bothwell Arts Center are involved in the event.

Printed guidebooks are available and can also be downloaded from to help you explore.

Artists exhibiting with the Dublin Arts Collective include:

  • Sawsan Wolski (DAC President) #203
  • Sarah Wang (Happy Valley Arts School) #202
  • Jennifer Huber #207
  • Chandana Srinath #205
  • Michelle Meng #201
  • Eric the Sculptor #200
  • Sarah Lee #204
  • Vanessa Lee Thomas #208
  • Andrea McCoy Harvey #197
  • Rob Bennett #206
  • Christine V Tafoya #212
  • Dianne Mao #214
  • Karen Scott #198
  • Lee Britton #209
  • Azar Vaghefi #211