‘No Boundaries’ Featured Artist: Wei-Ting Chuang

Part of a series of blog posts featuring DAC Member Artists participating in the ‘No Boundaries’ Art Show in Dublin, California


Wei Ting Chuang holds a master’s degree in Fine Art from the National Taiwan Normal University and specializes in traditional East Asian brush painting and calligraphy.

She taught East Asian brush painting, Watercolor, Sketch, Design, Calligraphy, and Performance Art at Taipei Municipal Wuchang Junior High School in Taiwan for over 15 years. Throughout her artistic career, Wei-Ting’s focus has been on traditional East Asian brush painting and calligraphy. In 2004 and 2011, she held several solo exhibitions in Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Her students received numerous awards for their artwork. She enjoys teaching and learns a lot from working with her students. Currently, Wei-Ting provides art classes from her art studio in Pleasanton and planning to offer more art classes in Livermore and San Ramon . For Wei-Ting, art is the way to explore the beauty of nature and share it with others. She uses a variety of media to capture impressions which have touched her heart. Her art has been strongly affected by the local culture and nature in California since she moved here in 2017.

In turbulent times, Wei-Ting wants to bring a calm and comforting vision of nature to more people through her art.

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Artist: Wei-Ting Chuang Title:Good fortune bunnies Description: 2023 is a year of the rabbits. Radish in Taiwanese “菜頭(cai tou)” sounds the same as “彩頭(cǎi tóu),” which means good fortune. I painted this bunnies with radish to with you luck for the upcoming year.
Artist: Wei-Ting Chuang Title: A hummingbird and red flowers; Description: I often painted the flowers in my backyard. The unexpected little “guest” is one of my favorite part when I painted outdoors.

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