May 31st #DailyTapestry Creative Challenge Ends Today!

We have come to the end of our creative challenge to lift our spirits and spur creativity during coronavirus Shelter-In-Place

Thanks to all of you who joined in the fun, made creative videos and participated in the challenge!

We will let you know when the creative works produced and captured during this challenge will be exhibited. The video below contains a few examples of contributions to date.

May 31st Daily Tapestry Final Submission Day! You can still submit until midnight!

  • The prompt for today’s #DailyTapestry Challenge is: 
  • TIME CAPSULE: find a box (you know you’ve got plenty around right now) have each person (and pet) select something to put inside that is (or is not) meaningful, take a photo of the box with everything inside, close it and seal it. Have everyone write two to three sentences about their choice (truthful, creative or otherwise) and seal them all in an envelope. Don’t forget to write a short sentence for each of the pet’s contributions. DON’T OPEN THEM until the stay at home order is lifted. Then as a group talk about the items and what you each wrote.
  • Draw a picture, send a photo, or video and tag it #DailyTapestry

Post your art or thoughts with the  #DailyTapestry.

Here is a list of all the Challenge Prompts for May 2020:

  1. Send us a photo of your fav neighborhood sidewalk art. by Sawsan Wolski
  2. What fun game is your family playing? by Jennifer Huber
  3. Escape room challenge by Summer Ellis 
  4. Things we will do better tomorrow! by Vanessa Thomas
  5. What money can’t buy. by Kathy Young
  6. What wildlife do you notice now? by Dennis Baker
  7. A story (or haiku) from your pet’s point of view by Claudia McCormick
  8. Recreate a scene – movie / work of art using what you have at home by Jamee Sicat
  9. Create something fun with your family! by La Shawn Butler
  10. What’s your favorite/ funniest memory of your Mother? by Mayor David Haubert
  11. Finding the hidden treasures in our storage. by Shweta Agrawal
  12. What makes the world a better place? by Janet Lockhart
  13. Clouds by Jennifer Huber
  14. Read anything good lately? by Dublin Arts Collective
  15. What is the quirkiest science/nature fact you have learned? by Olga V Mack
  16. My masked family portrait or selfie. by Jennifer Huber
  17. Tell us what you are cooking today! by CouncilMember Melissa Hernandez
  18. Provide inspiration for another: what inspires you? by Jennifer Huber
  19. Do you have a trophy around your house? by Fatima from The Trophy House
  20. Tell us your favorite Children’s book by Gina at Destination Baby
  21. This is tough, but so am I. by Tilden Huber
  22. My refrigerator (inside) is talking to me: write a story by Tilden Huber
  23. I am up to my eyeballs in….by Dublin Arts Collective
  24. What is now a treat that used to be a chore by Jennifer Huber
  25. Share your humorous quote! by Jennifer Huber
  26. What new creation /systems have you been inspired to create? by Beth Okurowski
  27. What has become your favorite gadget? by Dublin Arts Collective
  28. What 2 items would you take with you into exile? by Dublin Arts Collective
  29. What passion or hobby have you rediscovered? by Katherine Utsumi
  30. What is your Quarantine Fashion? by Tilden Huber Incoming DHS Freshman
  31. Make a Time Capsule by Steve Minniear

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