#DailyTapestry: May 31, 2020 prompt from Steve Minniear

challenge to lift our spirits and spur creativity during coronavirus Shelter-In-Place

Challenge: Sunday, May 31st, 2020 provided by Dublin Historian Steve Minniear and interpreted by Vanessa Thomas

May 31st Daily Tapestry 

  • The prompt for today’s #DailyTapestry Challenge is: 
  • TIME CAPSULE: find a box (you know you’ve got plenty around right now) have each person (and pet) select something to put inside that is (or is not) meaningful, take a photo of the box with everything inside, close it and seal it. Have everyone write two to three sentences about their choice (truthful, creative or otherwise) and seal them all in an envelope. Don’t forget to write a short sentence for each of the pet’s contributions. DON’T OPEN THEM until the stay at home order is lifted. Then as a group talk about the items and what you each wrote.
  • Draw a picture, send a photo, or video and tag it #DailyTapestry

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