#DailyTapestry: May 24, 2020 by Dublin Arts Collective

challenge to lift our spirits and spur creativity during coronavirus Shelter-In-Place

Challenge: May 24, 2020 brought to you by the Dublin Arts Collective!

May 24th Daily Tapestry Script

#DailyTapestry Challenge:

What is a treat now that used to be a chore? Like walking the dog. Share your answers with us! #Daily Tapestry. Art Matters

  • The prompt for today‚Äôs #DailyTapestry Challenge is: 
  • What is a treat now that used to be a chore?
  • Draw a picture, send a photo, or video and tag it #DailyTapestry

Post your art or thoughts with the  #DailyTapestry.

Art Matters! Let’s Go Create!

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Published by jenhuberette

Jen Huber is a painter living in Dublin, CA, with her husband, three sons, and a very weird dog. She paints acrylic on canvas and watercolor on paper in a representational style with a strong dose of biology and a hint of fantasy thrown in.

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